Sunday, October 21, 2007

Special interest

When you have friends in powerful positions sometimes rules and laws seem irrelevant. “State Rep. Fred Brown of Bryan has called a special legislative hearing Tuesday in Austin to see whether the Texas Medical Board has been too aggressive in its oversight of the state's physicians.” This would not seem abnormal if it wasn’t for the fact that a business partner of Mr. Brown and a man who also donated money to his campaign did not have a disciplinary action pending before the board.

The article also talks about other doctors besides Mr. Brown’s business partner who feel that the Texas Medical Board is being too aggressive. One doctor, who is also a radio talk-show host, also believes that the board is being extreme on many cases. He claims that his drive came when the medical board accused, “Dr. William Rea of pseudoscience in treating patients for chemical sensitivity. Some of his treatments are potentially harmful, the board charged in August, including injections of jet fuel and natural gas.

It’s obvious that State Representative Fred Brown has a lot to gain if he is able to force the Texas Medical Board to lighten up. It seems as if this Texas politician is using his position to benefit himself. There may not be a law against what Representative Brown is doing; however, it doesn’t seem fair that certain people will be able to get away with almost anything as long as they have the money to keep friends in powerful positions.
Dallas Morning News

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