Sunday, November 4, 2007

Native tribes fight for casinos

Many Native American tribes in Texas have battle for the right open casinos in Texas. They have yet to win the battle; however, they have come close. Recently Rep. Norma Chavez, D-El Paso, received the Tom Diamond Award of Excellence for a close attempt.

Though I personally am not big on gambling I do believe that people have the right to do what ever they chose with the money that they earn. Native American Tribes in Texas have been fighting for the right to open casinos for a long time now and I feel that it is something that the Texas government should allow.

Many Texans spend big money to take trips to Louisiana, Del Rio and Las Vegas just to lose more money once they get there. It’s no secret that gambling is popular among many Americans, and though some may view it as being unethical it can be a way to help the economy as well. Some may look at the negatives that may come with opening casinos in certain parts of Texas; however, it’s no different then many of the other businesses that are already aloud in Texas.

Gentlemen’s Clubs, nightclubs, and even local bars can attract the same problems that casinos; however, none of these establishments bring in more hotels or tourist then a casino. To some it’s a matter of religion and morals; however, the government already allows a number of businesses that can already be viewed in that same category. Just because something that you feel is wrong exists doesn’t mean you have to use it or even support it in any way. I believe if the establishment has the capability of helping the economy then it should be allowed as long as it follows all the proper laws set up to keep it as safe as possible.

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