Saturday, December 1, 2007

Republicans standing up against fencing the border

I have to agree with Republican presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani, on the issue of fencing the Texas/Mexico border's. Though there are some areas that a fence will make since and strongly assist in the fight to keep illegal immigration from occurring, we do not need to construct miles and miles of fences that make it seem as if we are saying “keep out”.

I do not fully agree that with-in three years immigration can be stopped; however, I do believe that we can reduce the amount of illegal immigration that occurs with more logical strategies.

By placing a fence along the border it gives me personally the feeling of keep out. There are a lot of ignorant people in America. I do not mean ignorant in a sense of stupidity or degrading. I mean ignorant in a sense of being misinformed, lack of exposure, or lack of communication. Whit this being said by placing unnecessary fences up it only provides fuel to a fire that is already burning between Mexican immigrants and ignorant Americans who feel that their opinion toward issues such as Mexican immigration is ok or even right.

Illegal immigration is a difficult matter to control; however, the American government should not create insulting fences to control the matter. American society should feel insulted and ashamed of the fact that we would use a method that comes across so degrading to fix a problem that at one point built are country.

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